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Curd : know the right way to eat.

Curd is a jargon of good living bacteria that helps to boost your health, whether it is digestion or anything else. Curd is a natural replacement of artificial probiotics. But, quite often people suffer with digestive issues after having curd. Since, curd consists of 'lactobacillus', which is a living bacteria. Hence, utmost care has to be taken while consuming it to reap its benefits without becoming a "curd victim". Therefore, stick with me and know the correct way of eating curd. Ayurveda, teaches the right way and time to consume curd. But, most often people end up eating it in a completely detrimental way, just for the sake of taste.   So, here we head to enlighten ourselves about the wrong methods that we have been using till now and along with that the best ways to fix them so as to receive it's vital benefits. (1) . Curd should never be consumed with table salt or table sugar . Hey! Don't get stressed. Actually, curd can be eaten in both
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Health benefits of Soybeans and some minor disadvantages.

Soybean is a type of pulse which is used for eating and for extracting oil. It is a treasure of nutrients. Vegetarian people are advised to consume it, because it contains as many nutrients as meat. Proteins and isoflavones are found in soybeans, which prevent the bones from weakening, so that there is no risk of early fracture. In this article, we will give some information regarding the benefits of eating soybeans and how soybeans are made. Soybean : what is it? Soybean seeds are cream colored. Their intake helps in improving physical and mental condition. It was first cultivated in China, but today it has good availability throughout Asia. Soybeans are considered a good and cheap source of fat. Soya milk, tofu, soy sauce and bean paste are prepared using it. Due to its nourishing properties, doctors also recommend to eat soybeans.  Benefits of Soybean -  The benefits of soybeans are many, some of which we are giving further information about. After knowing these

Ajwain - advantages and disadvantages with cure remedies.

Ajwain - everything that you must know                      Trachyspermum Ammi , commonly known as 'ajwain' or carom seeds or Bishop's weed seeds, is a known spice in Indian kitchens. Ajwain resembles with cumin seeds and has pungent and bitter taste. Banabhatta, a renowned sanskrit scholar and one of the greatest poets of India said," our kitchen is our biggest medical centre ". And one of the examples to prove it is, ajwain. # Carom seeds : benefits ✓ Reduces acidity, indigestion & constipation.                                • Whenever we eat something                  oily or heavy we often end up                 getting stomach aches which                 are really unbearable.                      • For this purpose, take half                 teaspoon of carom seeds and                 boil it in half glass of water,                 till a considerable light brown                 colour is observed (mostly   

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting : Know how you can lose weight with the help of intermittent fasting Nowadays we see that people are taking care of their health and are also working hard to achieve fitness. To get fitness, you also need to take a proper diet along with it and for this exercise is also very important. Some people want to lose weight and some people want to gain weight. This means that everyone's objective now is to look good and right. Diet plans and exercise patterns exist for everyone to choose from. It depends on the kind of physique they are trying to achieve. If your goal is primarily to lose weight, then intermittent fasting for weight loss is something you should try. If you want to see some good and long lasting results then it is important to know how, what and when to eat. What is Intermittent Fasting?  Intermittent fasting is a very popular health and fitness trend. It involves the cycle between eating patterns and the duration of eating. It do

Health Benefits, Uses and Disadvantages of dates

Health Benefits, Uses and Disadvantages of dates Sweetness dissolves in the mouth as soon as the name of date is taken. The sweeter the dates are, the more beneficial they are. The fiber-rich dates have many secrets to health as well as taste. Through this article, we will tell you about many such benefits of  dates , which will nourish your skin as well as hair. Before knowing the benefits of dates, let us know what the date is. What are Dates - Although fruits are liked by everyone, but when it comes to  dates , its natural sweetness makes it more special. This is why dates are a popular food item. Dates are known as dates in English, Tawarikh in Arabic and Pamier in French. Date palm is considered to be a species of palm tree. Its tree is quite large and the leaves are also about four to six meters long. Its scientific name is Phoenix Dactylifera. Date palm cultivation is believed to have first started in Iraq, after which it began to be grown in Arabia an